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Note: The Contest is accepting Spring Wheat entries only, with the Winter Wheat entry period having ended. The deadline to register a Spring Wheat variety is the close of business August 1st.

Before harvesting your entry, Growers can print off the one page “2017 Harvest Form” located on this page below. This will provide you the information needed to complete the harvest data requested by the Contest. Harvest data can be entered any time after completion of plot harvesting.

The National Wheat Foundation (NWF) is proud to once again host the National Wheat Yield Contest. The Contest offers growers the opportunity to compete with their peers across the United States and learn from each other innovative techniques to improve wheat productivity on their farms. The Contest’s objectives are to drive innovation in the industry; enable knowledge transfer between growers; encourage the use of available technology; and identify top wheat growers across the U.S. The Contest features two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat. The top five winners from each category will be recognized nationally, including at the 2018 Commodity Classic to be held Feb. 27 - March 1, 2018 in Anaheim, California. Please make sure you are a member in good standing of a recognized state wheat grower association (or NAWG if from a state without a recognized state wheat grower association) before completing and submitting the NWYC Entry Form. All NWYC Entry and Harvest Report Forms, entry payments and weigh tickets must be submitted electronically. NO PAPER ENTRY AND HARVEST FORMS OR CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please read all National Wheat Yield Contest Rules and Procedures located on this registration/log in page before submitting your entry form and payment. There will be no entry payment refunds. Thanks for your interest in the NWYC and good luck!

Rules Summary

For entries of multiple wheat varieties: Use the COPY option in the online system to duplicate an entry to avoid having to re-enter the same information for multiple fields. All copied information must be reviewed for accuracy. The following questions will not carry over from one entry to the next and must be filled out to submit the entry:

  • Class
  • Variety Brand
  • Variety name or number
  • Date Planted
2016 National Wheat Yield Contest Results

National Winners

State Winners 2016 winter irrigated

State Winners 2016 spring irrigated

State Winners 2016 winter dryland

State Winners 2016 spring dryland

Rules Summary(Cont.)

· Membership numbers cannot be searched for online. Please call NWF at 636-812-2709.

· Entry forms must be submitted to NWF through the online entry form May 15th for Winter wheat; August 1st for Spring wheat.

· If a recheck is required (yields above 150 bu/ac), the recheck questions will appear immediately after the initial check information is completed. If a recheck is not performed and completed, the harvest form will not submit.

· National Winners, as listed on the winning entry, are encouraged to accept their award and receive recognition in person during the NWF Yield Contest Reception during Commodity Classic.

Multiple Entries: National Wheat Yield Contest rules state that each individual membership is eligible to win only one national and one state award in the contest. If an entrant enters two or more varieties and all place as a winner or runner-up, only the highest ranked (not necessarily highest yield) variety will be awarded.

· For answers to other questions about the Contest, contact NWF (Steve) at 636-812-2709.