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Can I enter more than 1 category?
Yes, you can enter as many categories as you are eligible for. You can only be recognized as a National Winner in One category.
How many times can I enter?
You can enter as many entries as you like in the 5 acre “traditional” contest. If you are a spring wheat grower in the pilot area (ND, SD, MN, MT) you can enter up to 3 fields in the new Pilot Digital Yield Category.
If I win in more than one category, how will it be determined which one is recognized?
Yields will be evaluated in this order: Yield from 5-acre contest, high yield will be evaluated first- (irrigated before dryland), followed by the 5 acre % over county (dryland only), and finally the new Digital Yield Pilot category (dryland then % over county).
Do I have to be a member of my state association or NAWG to enter?
Yes, if your state has an association that is affiliated with NAWG, you must be a member in good standing. If your state does not have an association, you must be a member of NAWG. States with Recognized State Wheat Growers Associations or Checkoff Organizations
State Membership Fees Website Phone
Alabama $36 www.alfafarmers.org (334) 288-3900
California $250 www.cgfa.org (530) 661-1292
Colorado $125 www.coloradowheat.org (970) 449-6994
Idaho $75 www.idahograin.org (208) 345-0706
Illinois $50 www.illinoiswheat.org (309) 557-3619
Kansas $100 www.kswheat.org (785) 539-0255
Kentucky *Pay voluntary checkoff contributions www.kysmallgrains.org (502) 243-4150
Maryland $50 www.marylandgrain.org (443) 262-8491
Michigan *Checkoff pays membership www.miwheat.org (888) 943-2801
Minnesota $100 www.smallgrains.org (218) 253-4311
Montana $250 www.mgga.org (406) 761-4596
Nebraska $75 www.nebraskawheat.org (402) 471-2358
North Carolina *Grower self-assessment pays membership www.ncwheat.org (919) 809-8657
Ohio $100 www.ohiocornandwheat.org (740) 201-8088
Oklahoma $50 www.owga.org (405) 608-4350
Oregon $100 www.oregonwheat.org (541) 276-7330
South Dakota $100 www.sdwheat.org (605) 224-4418
Texas $50 www.texaswheat.org (806)-352-2191
Washington $125 www.wawg.org (509) 659-0610
Wyoming $100 www.wyomingwheat.org See website
How do I become a member of NAWG?
Pay your $100/ year dues by using Pay Pal at the time of entry or mail us a check to
NAWG Membership
25 Massachusetts Ave NW Suite 500B
Washington, DC 20001
Does my Supervisor have to register on the website?
No, your supervisor will not need to register on the website but they must meet the qualifications and you will enter their complete contact information so that we can contact them if verification is needed. NWF reserves the right to contact any Harvest Supervisor to validate compliance with contest rules. NWF also reserves the right, with advance notification, to observe any harvest.
Is a re-check required if I get over 150 bushels?
No, no rechecks are required. You will submit your highest yield from at least 1.5 acres of the 5 acre piece you entered.
Do I need to contact the contest if yield is over 250 bu/ ac?
Yes, please contact the contest if your yield is over 250 bu/ac.
Why do I have to save a 10 lb sample of wheat?

Our contest encourages you to strive for both high yield and high quality. The 26 National Winning entries wheat samples will be milled and baked and evaluated for quality. We are learning from the data we collect, and we know that with proper variety, management and environment high yield can also be high quality. National winners whose wheat is ranked top 3 in quality in their class by a panel of experts will be recognized and awarded $250* in addition to the travel, lodging, and registration to Commodity Classic. All Contestants must retain a 10 lb sample of grain for shipment and quality testing if they are a National Yield Winner.

Soft white wheat will be baked into a sponge cake, soft red into a sugar cookie and hard wheats into a bread loaf. Durum and other classes to be decided, they will be analyzed and made into an industry standard product for judging. Additional quality parameters may be tested. Quality Results are shared with our sponsor partners and media so that awareness can be generated that high yield wheat can also be high quality.

*Quality Awards will only be given if the wheat is deemed industry desired quality by the panel of expert wheat evaluators.

Can my county agent or seed sales rep enter my data?
Only if you share your log in information with this trusted advisor. The contest will not have access to your username or password and if it is forgotten you will have to reset it following the prompts to recover or reset your information on the site.